Culture of Kaishan
Concise, efficient, self-confident
social responsibility

Social Responsibility of KAISHAN:
Become a real GREEN company


  • Manufactured and Operated air compressors by electricity supply, providing compressed air and consuming electric energy.
  • The expander is manufactured to produce energy by collecting geothermal energy, recovering residual heat, waste gas, garbage and other power generation.
  • Consumption and manufacturing, forming a virtuous circle, make the energy consumption of the compressor manufactured balance with the power generation of the expander by kaishan, and realize the true "0" emission;

"Conserving Our Planet" becomes possible and is becoming a reality.

The enterprise culture of KAISHAN
Engineering The Future
Create Customer Value
Conserving Our Planet
Concise, Efficient, Self-confident
Conserving Our Planet
Culture Activities
Kaishan SMGP project team resident public welfare activities
Kaishan SMGP project team resident public welfare activities