KAISHAN industry
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“First-class core technology and high quality manufacture” are main target for Kaishan. Core technology, experienced team group, and high quality manufacture are three important foundation of Kaishan screw expansion power generation unit. Kaishan own top-world research expert and “North America Research Center” was built at Seattle in 2009. An experienced international teamhas been established with the leader of Dr. Tang from application, design, manufacture, installation, operation and project management. The group provide quick action and good performance product from the initial heat source investigation to the final customer training.Dr. Tang patent rotor type is used in Kaishan screw expander, which bring up to 88% isentropic efficiency and reach high level. In addition, Kaishan owns screw pump, heat exchanger and system structure number of patented technology, which make screw expansion power generation system operate with high efficiency and high reliability. For unit manufacture, Kaishan have MITSUI SEIKI, DOOSAN, HOLROYD, KAPP, CARL ZEISS, and HEXAGOON first-class manufacture and measurement equipment. The test lab of screw expander and power generation system provide guarantee for unit performance.

Screw expander is a volumetric expansion machine. Usually refer to double screw expander. Kaishan screw expander is designed and optimized for gas expansion. The expander is mainly composed of shell and a pair of screw rotor. The high pressure gas or steam flow into cavity adiabatic expansion and drive rotor rotation, the gas pressure and temperature is decreased at the outlet of expander. This process can provide kinetic or power energy. The inlet steam can be saturated or two-phase, and screw expander can keep high isentropic efficiency under wide rangeof load.
At present, Kaishan screw expansion power generation unit has been widely used in industry waste heat power generation, industry waste pressure power generation, geothermal power generation, biomass power generation and other fields. By the end of 2015, About 70 related project has completed and total rated power is 110MW. Projects are mainly distributed in the iron, petrochemical, plastics, fiber, geothermal, biomass and other fields.