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The beginning of globalization requires excellent talents under the framework of multi culture, who are committed to the long-term development strategy.
By 2021, the global overseas employees are from 18 different nationalities, creating a global talent gathering place.

Talent development


Management and development of human resources strategy are the core tasks that precedes all other work. Thus, establishment of talent asset is a concept of primary asset. The company's aim is to create a high-performance team with "pioneering spirit, relentless pursuit, united work and enthusiastic attitude" through enhancement of talent asset management and development and building of a high-performance team. Together they will form Kaishan's unique corporate culture that can be summarized as simple, efficient and confident. The company places emphasis on being human-oriented, as it is its fundamental concept. It strives to be a learning organization that respects knowledge, talent, employees, and creativity and that actively encourages continuous learning by all employees.

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