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Completion of the acquisition of the fourth geothermal project in USA

Completion of the acquisition of the fourth geothermal project in USA

    Recently, Mayacma Geothermal LLC, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Open Mountain Energy, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaishan Group Co., Ltd (“the Company”), signed and closed an Asset Purchase Agreement and Lease Agreement separately with Bottle Rock Power, LLC (“the Seller” and the “Transaction”), to procure the conventional geothermal wellfield and lease the geothermal assets and facilities that the Seller holds in Lake County, California including 23 existing geothermal wells. As part of the Transaction, the Company has also agreed to assume liabilities associated with the project and has entered into an agreement to pay royalties based on future power generation.

    Evaluation of historical operations and resource conditions indicates that with construction of a new power plant (Steam ORC with 100% air-cooling) approximately 7.5 MW (Net) can be sustainably generated from the existing wellfield on an annual basis utilizing Kaishan’s ORC power generation equipment. The project will utilize air cooled condensers which will allow 100% of the condensed steam to be reinjected which will help maintain the stability of the reservoir.

    The Bottle Rock plant is located within the Geysers Known Geothermal Resource Area, the world's largest complex of operating geothermal plants drawing steam from more than 350 wells, and reinjecting treated effluent from nearby metro areas. The project is located approximately 72 miles (116 km) north of San Francisco, California. The Bottle Rock plant began commercial operation in February 1985 as an originally planned 55-megawatt project. Because steam resources throughout the entire Geysers region declined severely over this time period due to lack of recharge to the system, operational challenges stemmed from the large mismatch between power plant size and available steam resource. The plant was placed into non-operational status effective April 1, 2015.

    The redevelopment of the project will consist of installing a new steam-ORC power plant, and replacing the wet cooling towers with dry cooling, allowing ~ 100% reinjection of the steam condensate to the reservoir, supporting the longer-term sustainability of production from the existing wellfield.

    The Company has made detailed project schedule and planning of the Project, with target COD in December 2023 subject to receiving permitting approvals in a timely manner. It is also in the advanced stages of negotiating with a potential counterparty for a long-term PPA. Mayacma Geothermal LLC estimates that the Project will be eligible for the new renewable energy Investment Tax Credit as well.

    This will be the Company’s 4th geothermal project in the US (the others being Whitegrass, Star Peak and Fish Lake) and the first geothermal project in California. The Bottle Rock plant will demonstrate a unique and sustainable power plant design for Geysers resources, where environmental sensitivity and conservation of water resources is paramount. The company is exploring further development opportunities elsewhere in the Geysers.