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Kaishan awarded a geothermal project contract at the value of 65 million USD

On April 4, KRED company of Kaishan signed an EPC contract at the value of 65 million USD with Sosian Energy of Kenya, and an operation and maintenance contract at the value of 18.05 million USD. The signing representatives are Dr. Tang Yan, GM of Kaishan and Mr. Shaun Zambuni, Sosian Energy CEO.


The project is located in Eastern African Rift Menengai Nakuru. The geothermal field owner is Kenya State-owned geothermal developer Geothermal Development Company(GDC).


A few years ago, Sosian Energy won the tendering to construct and operate the plant, for which 280t/h steam will be purchased from GDC, and which should reach a net output of 35MW to the grid, equivalent to an annual power generation of 290 million KWH. The challenge is: the content of non-condensable gas in the 280t/h steam is 3.3%, but conventional turbine will require minimum 30t/h for non-condensable gas jet pump. This means that it will be extremely difficult to reach the required 35MW net grid capacity, a challenge hard to overcome.


Kaishan will use steam expander power units combined with ORC modular power units, which way of power generation does not require additional steam for eliminating non-condensable gas, owing to the innovative modular plant technology. Thus we are able to meet the requirements of net capacity of 35MW and an annual power production of 290 million KWHS. It will take within 15 months to finish the construction and generate power to the grid.


Kaishan will use its patented power generation technology as the solution for this project, which is 2 steam expander power generation units combined with 3 ORC expander power generation units. The award of this contract signifies that Kaishan’s large geothermal power station complete equipment is able to compete globally and obtains contracts, another step forward in Kaishan’s strategy to become internationalized and high-end oriented.


During the tendering process, GDC sent a team of 7 experts who travelled thousands of miles to Kaishan’s SMGP project in Indonesia to examine the project.