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Signing ceremony for strategic cooperation between Kaishan and Greatwall Drilling Company of China National Petroleum Corporation

Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co., Ltd. and Greatwall Drilling Company of China National Petroleum Corporation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shanghai Headquarters of Kaishan Group on March 7, 2019 to establish full cooperation on geothermal power generation projects.


Kaishan with its long term objective of becoming a major global operator of geothermal power plants and provider of geothermal power plant complete equipment is laying out global presences, and is developing geothermal energy in Asia-Pacific and Eastern Africa, having already established geothermal power plants in Indonesia, North America and Hungary and currently penetrating into Eastern Africa markets.


Greatwall Drilling Company of China National Petroleum Corporation is a service provider in geothermal well drilling having the largest amount of high-temperature geothermal drilling work in the world. It has businesses in 31 countries located in 4 continents.


The parties agree to fully cooperate on geothermal power generation that promotes the global development of clean, environmentally friendly energy.


Kaishan Group Chairman Cao Kejian, Dr. Tang Yan, GM of Kaishan Compressor Co., Ltd., Chen Jing, Vice President of Kaishan Group, Han Min, Deputy GM of Greatwall Drilling, Zhu Chunqi, Deputy GM of International Division of Greatwall Drilling, and Li Shujiao, GM of Asia-Pacific Company of Greatwall Drilling Company participated in the signing ceremony and conducted friendly exchanges.


Dr. Tang Yan and Han Min acting as representatives of their respective companies signed the agreement, which lays down a firm basis for the parties’ cooperation overseas.